IRRASHAIMASE // いっらしゃいませ

This is the online home of freelance creative, Aica Duran. Illustration, design, and blog writing are her three biggest passions. She knows she needs to focus on one to master it, but she loves them all the same. So she thought, why not have an online space that shows what she loves to do and what she does well? Thus, she moved her portfolio and blog into one place so others can see what she can do to help them while seeing the carefree side of her personality.

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Hajimemashite! はじめまして

I’m Aica, a creative creature who writes and draws. I illustrate fantasy and horror figures, edit photos so my Instagram looks like a wonderland, and spin a hula hoop for 10 minutes. Clearly, I have a thing for world cinema, Japanese culture, and flat white coffee. My blog also shares a freelancer’s journey through the city and the world as I work and wander.

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Instagram Feed(s) // インスタグラムのフィード