14 Valentines Date Ideas If You're Dating Yourself

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Enough with the bitterness on Valentines' Day! Rant aside, I can see the distaste for it. Well it's true that big companies turned it cheesy. And also, there's that feeling deep in your currently single soul when you see couples holding hands. But being single doesn't mean feeling bad about your loneliness and taking it out on the happily dating. In fact, this V-Day is your chance for that long overdue me-time! So stop retweeting those hugot quotes and denying the fact that February 14 exists. (FFS, February has only 28 days!) Take this as the opportunity to treat yo' self!

14 V-Day Things To Do For Singles

  1. Do that work out you always said you'd do. No excuses.
  2. Eat your favorite dish / snack and forget about your diet for today. Better if you prepared it at home, too!
  3. Put on makeup as if attractive people are going to be in your area! Or keep that hair on point, if you're not a makeup lover.
  4. Get a cup of coffee, put your phone in your bag, and enjoy your espresso. Okay fine, take a photo of it if you want to.
  5. Get a massage, but in a spa where couples aren't flocking together. Preferably one that feels bone-cracking and leaves your body like jelly.
  6. Mindful retail therapy. Yes, it's shop till you drop but you should get the things that you'd use in a long time.
  7. Play some video (or phone) games to distract yourself. But also, get your work done first before you do so.
  8. Catch up on the series or book you're reading. Perhaps go out to watch a movie alone, if you could.
  9. Look for something new to watch, if you've already caught up on your favorite show. There are millions out there!
  10. Make a Spotify playlist for your run, your drive to work, or to chill out.
  11. Binge read the all-time top posts of interesting subreddits like r/NoSleep. Rule 34: There's a subreddit for everything.
  12. Take that 5 to 15 minute nap you so deserve.
  13. Start–or continue–that creative passion project. Personally, creating something you're deep into is a very high form of self-love
  14. Vent out your utter dislike for Valentines Day in a journal. Let it out, but only to yourself since everyone is doing it on social media!

Okay, so the last one is quite negative. Don't project your love insecurities over a holiday though! Today is the day of love, but love doesn't just mean a romantic time with a partner. Fall in love with yourself, and treat yourself the way a partner would treat you.  How about you, what are you doing this Valentine's?