Hello. Here's me hoping Aicsthetic sticks for a very long time.

I've been blogging since my high school days. Being a bookworm and wanting to write my own novels lead me to my love of writing, which then eventually grew into me writing blogs and eventually venting out my feelings / thoughts on the world wide web. However, I have this problem of not pushing through with my creative projects and shelving them until a new idea comes along. It's a frustrating cycle that other creatives go through. So not all of my blogs get to reach to the point where my readers can anticipate quality content or some of my ideas don't get to see the light of day.

Maybe blogging isn't for me, I thought. But this time, I'm pushing through with this.

Why am I starting this blog though? Simply because I need a space to be creative, and I wanted to share it with others. I was awarded Campus Writer of the Year back when I graduated in high school. That was six years ago, and now I'm in a career that involved more of illustrating than writing. As a creative, I get frustrated when I am not able to draw even a simple sketch in my personal sketchpad. So why not start an online journal where I write about things that interest me and others? It's a good way to stay creative plus discuss things other people may be interested in. So that's why I started Aicsthetic.

What will I be talking about? Simple: I'll be sharing stuff I find interesting–and maybe weird stuff too, along with (shareable) life updates. What should you expect then? A bit of lifestyle, a bit of travel (which is quite rare so that's special), a lot of beauty (big cosmetics junkie right here), a lot of world cinema, and just some weird stuff I stumble upon the Internet. In short, variety.

I hope you'd sit back, relax, and watch as my posts get quirkier and longer each time.

Aica Duranblogging