Random Round Up No. 1


At this point, no new topic idea is in my mind. I want to write the usual blog entry. But I have been so busy lately with work and family life. (I am the mother of none, godmother of five, and a tita* to everyone.) I feel grateful though, even if I just want to sleep early tonight! But frankly, I should avoid this excuse. I want to regularly create content until I get better in quality. Further procrastination leads to more frustration with my work. All you creative kids know the feeling, right?

So let me introduce you to Random Round Up. It's the monthly blog series rounding up what I've been doing lately. I include very random things I've encountered for the past 30 days. Books, films, shows, songs, and anything else. Think of Life Lately under a different name. Same concept, different name.

Chocolate Soy Milk

I'm no vegan. But I love soy milk like I love dairy milk. Lacking dairy has some bearing on the taste, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious. At one point this November, our stock of skim milk ran out. So Hershey's Soyfresh Chocolate Soya Milk was the only one in the fridge. Normally, I drink soy milk in the morning and skim milk in the evening. But for now, I drink two cups of chocolate soy milk a day! I'm glad I don't have to crave for chocolate. (Now's not the right time for it, to be honest.)  Chocolate soy milk took care of my sweet cravings too.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Mid-Winter Finale

Oh my God. What wes that? I spend a lot of time reading fan theories on the HTGAWM subreddit, but that semi-finale still shocked me. As a Game of Thrones fan, character deaths taught me that it could happen to anyone. I gathered "evidence" about why that one major character is the one to die. Even with conspiracy spoilers, the reveal got my jaw dropping. I didn't realize they'd look like that. But what left us HTGAWM viewers hanging for more, the show left with a tiny cliffhanger. The major character died before the accident. Once again, Shonda Rhimes likes to rip the viewer's feels apart... and is very brilliant at it!

What is Sleep?

I am writing this entry while on my bed in my pyjamas. Take the preach that I don't practice: just, sleep. Sleep. With work projects, personal affairs, and creative efforts, sleep became a luxury. That shouldn't be the case when it is a necessity to survive. My recent restlessness may equal to ambition, but I'd still choose a good night lying on my back without a worry.

Return of the Queens

I highly enjoy Scream Queens for its absurdity and mockery of slasher films. However, a lot of events happened in the US that FOX broadcasted live during Scream Queens's time slot. Three weeks of World Series and World Domination Presidential Elections lead to a drought of Scream Queen episodes.

Yeah, I missed Scream Queens too. Credit: FOX.

The episode before the break left us with uncertainty and cliffhangers. But the 3-week break paid off, because we get some answers. Who was the child of the missing man in 1985? Was a favorite character really dead? The next two episodes answered the questions and so much more! I'm highkey looking forward for the next episodes.

Marvel Cinema presents: House

Ah! I thought Captain America: Civil War was the best Marvel film this 2016. But Doctor Strange provides some competition! Honestly, I did not expect much because I enjoy more when I expect less. This applies to any media–film, TV, YouTube channels... I remind myself to let go of my expectations, especially for a Marvel film.  Of course, I enjoyed the film! I've seen some scenes back during AsiaPop Comic Con's exclusive showcase. But I still loved the scene for the 3rd time I've seen it. The creativity of Doctor Strange changed our thoughts of what to expect when it comes to superhero films.

This looks familiar. Credit: Marvel Studios.

Also, I experienced deja vu upon seeing a British actor playing an American doctor.

Japonica Jams

Only a few weeks left until my relatives and I go to Japan! Lately I'm trying my best to stay positive despite the shitshow the world goes through lately. I am mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing myself for the first travel I will blog in January. Learning basic Japanese became a priority. I open Pinterest in search of winter OOTD inspiration. And even when I work, I make sure I get that vibe flowing through music.

My usual "feel of Japan" go-to soundtrack would be the



or the

Shogun II: Total War

soundtrack. I liked the epic but disciplined sound each song had, which perfectly described the Japanese. But I wanted to try something different, so I searched for "Japanese music" and ended up with the

Fiechter brothers

' video. The video was divided into two: one for "beautiful" Zen songs, and another for "epic" battle-like rhythms.  Personally, I prefer the epic ones because I felt adventurous. Perfect timing for my trip, right? I added these songs to my personal running playlist so I can think of my Japan trip while working out.

And that's about it for November 2016! 2016 is slowly coming to an end. Thank God? Maybe? I don't know, but if it meant ending it with a blast, then okay! I'm looking forward to one last hurrah for the next 30 days. "Global development" screwed us over this year but that doesn't mean there's no positive thing left! I'll keep carrying on until the next Random Round Up. If you want to recommend me some shows, films, food, or whatever you'd like me to try, just comment below!

Until then!