Ruminate & Reflect: Law of Attraction


First things first. Before I get to the main point of this blog, I'd like to talk about the development of the site. I just started this last week, so a lot of pages and materials are still definitely under construction. Honestly I don't even have a profile picture on my public Facebook page. I also just used my header as a cover photo right away–I still have to create a proper one soon.

The Importance of Content

But what are social media collaterals good for if I don't put out a blog entry? I want to focus on developing this blog (no not that development, but I'd like to learn, honestly). I needed to write because everything I wrote for the past year were forum posts and TL;DR Reddit comments. If I were to get back to blogging, I must write. When I started Art Student Aesthetic, I made the mistake of focusing on the aesthetic. (You'll be seeing that word a lot here so you've been warned!) With that, my content lacked that push for writing that I needed. Eventually I took a break from blogging for eight months until I launched Aicsthetic.

Initially, I had an About page that I drafted a few days ago. Although it seemed great at first, I changed it because I had second thoughts about it after that day. This problem of mine had me asking a couple of questions. First, what do I put up in my personal bio that would be appropriate? Then, what do I share and what do I not share? (The answer is quite obvious here, but I fell trap to oversharing in my past blog and social media posts. The older I got, the more I'd keep some vital personal details out of the Internet.) Also, what would hook you guys into reading what this blog is about? I'd rather think about this through because first impressions do make a very big impact on the audience. I care about your feedback.

Simultaneously I write content and prepare collaterals for the blog in preparation for a future trip to Japan in winter. Take note that I rarely travel–especially as of now. We all know the Internet gets wet at the sight of #Wanderlust on their feeds. But apart from Instagram spamming, I'd expound on my experience in wordy travelogues millennials would lick feet for. Yes, I am excited! Time to be the one of the millennials wandering around the world, that world which is our oyster!

Now To My Main Point

Enough of my excitement. I might kill the hype later. I'll be talking about how #shookt the Internet has been lately. Or rather, the Internet I browse. I've come to some sort of (Br)existential epiphany that prompted me to start this blog. Initially this week, I was only going to post about my Halloween movie marathon this year. However, the recent turn of events and people's reaction to it got me contemplating about something. It's enough to inspire me to write about the Law of Attraction.

You've heard of that before. If you're aware of Rhonda Byrne's best-selling book The Secret, you already have an idea of what it is. The title character in The Secret, is better named as The Law of Attraction. (For this blog I'll just use [The] Law of Attraction as its name.) The TL;DR of Law of Attraction is that what your thoughts and feelings heavily focus on will eventually manifest into reality. The lazier version of my TL;DR is simply "like attracts like".

How does it work? The more you think about something and devote reflections to it, the more it is likely to be a reality. Look at the incredibly passionate ones truly get what they want. After multiple failed attempts, the successful worked hard enough to their current state.The Law of Attraction is no magic trick. It's a scientific formula that equates to full belief plus hard work.

Although I talk about dreams and life success, I'm gonna focus on the big scale of things. 2016 has topped 2015 in terms of how hell of a ride the next years are gonna be. The recent results of events triggered the entire world–or at least how the Internet and media present it to be. Every website I went to talked about how November 5 to 13, 2016 is Earth's Hell Week. Well, look where we are now after November 9. Heck, even the results in local current events are to add to this stress.

Everywhere I went, negativity presented itself. It came in different forms: sadness over the situation, anger towards the opposing views, and endless arguments. The resentment attracted more hate and bickering. There's nothing wrong with feeling bad about it, though. A lot of us are. You are free to feel, to be human. It's just that The Law of Attraction is going to bring in more of what you choose to focus on. Choose carefully on how you're going to take what the world is throwing at you now.

Reverse psychology is also a part of The Law of Attraction. Even if you don't want it, your fear can overtake your desire. It worked a lot for some people this 2016. (You know well who I'm talking about.) Instead of people being hopeful for someone who could do better, they focused their energy and time to prevent someone else from making mistakes. And the Universe listened because it doesn't care about who leans closer on the black-white spectrum. It only cares about what people keep thinking about. Did they think about the better because they believe in it, or is it because they're afraid of the other option?

Honestly The Law of Attraction isn't always easy. Self-doubts spring from my anxiety every now and then. Every time I tell my mother (or anyone I trust) of my worries, she often tells me to think positive. When you've got a big barrier like anxiety, that's a huge leap to make. I really wasn't happy over the turn of events for this week. But after letting my emotions go and clearly thinking about it, I had to reflect. I slept on it knowing that there's still another day. I focused on my personal well-being and on my creative projects instead. And the best I could do to help anyone is to share this epiphany with you all.

So if you're feeling down, here's my advice: Feel free to feel. We rely so much on trying to be happy, we forgot being sad for a healthy amount of time is essential to staying humane. But let it go as early as possible, because too much of it will let the Universe bring you more pain. Then move on and go with the flow of life. Focus on your self-development or help others grow too. Even if the world gets worse, you can always start the better. Small steps matter more than you think.

Wishing you all a happy weekend and hope the rest of 2016 will be kind to you.