What's In My Makeup Bag?


Before I leave for my trip, I'd like to share with you the insides of my makeup bag. I sometimes use these items when I feel like putting on makeup at work. Normally, I wear really minimal makeup to work because of time constraints. I'll need these tools and products to beat my face. The bulk of my bag(s) make it seem like I bring a lot. But I make sure to pack them properly inside. Everything in the bags complete my makeup process. So take a look at what's in my makeup bag for my Japan 2016 travel.

My MakeUp Bag / Brush Case

My Forever 21 Makeup Kit used to be pink with gold polka dots. With time and laundry, the dots faded until my bag was just pink. Sigh, it was cute. Luckily it can still hold my stuff even if it's five years old.  Meanwhile, I got my BYS Pouch free since I bought BYS items for around a total of P1500.

 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan

But for my flight, I realize my only carry-on bag couldn't carry these pouches. I have to make room for my other essentials too. So I brought along a bigger makeup kit to contain all of my makeup items. I'll keep them in my checked-in luggage so my carry-on would feel light. Also, the kit makes room for the incoming beauty haul I'll get soon!

 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan

Tools of the Trade

 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan

I collected cheap makeup brushes over the years. Honestly, I forgot where some of these brushes came from! (Bad Aica!) Some of them came from gifts my mom got that she never used. Others were complementary with the products they came along with. Though in the future, I plan to invest on a better set of tools. For now, these will do.

Top Row

  • BYS Beauty Blender: This works as well as the original. When you damp it, it expands twice it size. The volume expansion is perfect for applying your foundation. It feels fresh plus your foundation blends in smoothly compared to a dry beauty blender. My only complaint about this is how the sponge bits chip off when it gets old.
  • ELF Eyelash Curler: I would've used The Face Shop's Eyelash Curler, but I ran out of rubber refills. The ones I got from Marionnaud didn't fit well. So I used ELF's instead. Sadly it doesn't fit my eyelids the same way the old curler did. But I still want curly lashes, so might as well make use of it.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Brush: This came along with the mentioned gel liner. The brush has two ends: one for lining, the other is a sponge for smudging. (The PH version looks different from the US version, which I got from Duty Free Philippines. Unlike the US version, the PH one doesn't have the sponge.)
  • Forever 21 Eyeshadow Brushes: I bought them back in college because these were travel-friendly. The hairs on these brush feel soft, especially on sensitive skin. Normally, inexpensive brushes feel bristly and harsh. But I still use these until now, and they're 2 out of the 3 brushes from my collection that didn't get broken or lost, LMAO.
  • Banila Co. Eyelove Cushion Gel Eyeliner Brush: As the name says, this comes with the Banila Co. Eyelove Cushion Gel Eyeliner. (I got the brown one.) Unfortunately the brush sort of detached itself from the main body. I had to tape it back together and keep it opened, because it detaches when I close it with the cap.
  • Estée Lauder Eyeshadow Brush: I got this from a brush set someone gifted to my mom. My mom isn't really into makeup brushes, so she gave me the set instead. This is the only eyeshadow brush in there so I use it to apply the base shadow.

Bottom Row

  • Kabuki Foundation Brush: I do not recall the brand of this foundation brush, but I do remember it was cheap. Using the brush is better than a powder sponge because of the lighter coverage I got.
  • Forever 21 Blush Brush: This is part of the brush set I mentioned earlier.
 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan


Base Products

very makeup junkie knows that face makeup plays a big factor in changing the face. You can skip some items all together, but one product does make a difference! I think face products in my makeup make 70% of my makeup kit, if that says something.

  • Avène Thermal Spring Water: This travel-friendly Avene bottle preps my face and sets my makeup. It's very costly at P530 for a 50 mL bottle, but the content does not disappoint! I swear, you feel like you're washing your face with a single spray! I don't think I'll look for a better primer / setter other than Avène.
  • Banila Co. Prime Primer Matte: Banila Co.'s primer for oily-skinned fellas only comes in one size, which is both a curse and a blessing. My skin favors this primer compared to what I've tried in the past, so I'm sticking with this until something as good / better comes along.
  • The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream, 02: This BB cream saved my skin from my disastrous acne problems in 2015. The coverage is light and non-sticky. However, I still need a concealer for my blemishes because the spots still show up.  The tone of this BB cream is cooler than my skin tone, though, even if my shade matches.
  • Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream, 02: Canmake's BB Cream is pretty multipurpose. It already contains UV protection and skin care ingredients. And this BB's covers my skin pretty damn well! I don't need to apply concealer under my eyes to hide tired shadows. I don't need to apply tons of concealer on trouble spots either! Besides, the tone is warmer than The Face Shop BB cream, and it suits my skin better. I use this BB Cream when I want to wear something that feels like a light foundation.
 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan

Face Products

  • L.A. Girl HD Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick: I still count this as a face product because I apply it way before I do my eyes, LOL. This can get too dark when you apply it, but when applied right, it doesn't distract from your skin tone. I've had this for 3 years now and I still haven't used it all up yet lmao.
  • Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector: Apart from hiding my anxiety and misery exhaustion from my (frequent) lack of sleep, I use this to prep my concealer. The salmon hue is pretty close to my skin so it cancels out the dark pigmentation of the spots.
  • The Face Shop Easy Cover Stick Concealer, N203: Cream-stick concealers fare better than liquid ones because I don't have to worry much about stains, LOL. It's easier to blend them too with the fingers!
  • BYS Contour Stick: Out of a rush, the saleslady accidentally gave me the bronze instead of the contour. Ayy LMAO. But I like how light this is compared to the actual contour stick. Also, I use cream sticks instead of powders / liquids for contouring. They're quicker and easier to use. Besides, the only thing I usually contour is my nose—which definitely needs it! Haha.
  • TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint, 2-01 Cherry Pink: Yes. I'm one of the people who use lip tints as blush alts because I'm not fond of powder blushes. Liquid tints last longer than powder blushes, especially when you got oily skin. TonyMoly's tint is very pigmented. I only apply small amounts to avoid saturating my face. Did I mention it lasts until you have to remove it from your face? No hyperbole at all. None.
 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan


  • Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder, MB [Matte Beige Ochre]: The only powder that sticks on my oily face for so long. Also, one that isn't a MAC product.
 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan

Eye Stuff

Face makeup may make a difference. But naturally, our attention draws to the eyes first. I always emphasize on my eyes and brows when I do my makeup. Like damn, I want to bat my mascara-coated eyelashes. I also can't live without eyeliner... How am I supposed to further enlarge my already-big eyes?!

  • Too Faced Natural Eyes Eye Shadow Collection: No true-blue makeup junkie would miss out on a Too Faced shadow palette! And this collection contains a mix of matte and shimmer swatches. I prefer to stick to a natural look when doing my eyes, so this palette's shades are perfect!
  • Majorca Majolica Lash King Mascara, BK999: Two words: Holy Grail. This mascara does not easily give in to any liquid. It curls and lengthens the f**k out of your lashes as well. (Enough for me to curse on this blog, that's what!) You still need an eyelash curler, though, because the wand is straighter than heterosexuality.
  • Banila Co. Eyelove Cushion Gel Eyeliner, Brown: Another holy grail, because this is the real MVP. I use this (with the mentioned brush) to tightline my already huge eyes because why not. If done properly, I look very much awake.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, 01 Black: I don't do black eyeliner that much. But if I feel like doing a winged liner, I use this. I do have liquid liners, but this one doesn't drip and smudge when I sweat buckets.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Dark Brown: This. Brow dreams are made of this. The long-lasting formula stays on your brows so you're on fleek 24/7. There's a lot of pigment to go around, so you can go both ways! Even just a simple shaping and blending of the brows will give enough fill and definition... Or if you want to make it look full, you can apply more pigment for that totally-full brow look.
  • Marionnaud Nº9 Eyes Brush: The only brush that was too long to put in the case, LMAO. All my brow brushes end up in the same fate: broken or chipped. But not this brush, though.
 what's in my makeup bag 2016 japan


And let's not forget another deal breaker: lips. I tend to have really pale lips so I go for pink / nude tones. Both lipsticks in my bag have moisturizing properties where I can forego using a lip balm for prep. I prefer pink tones because red can go overboard and I'm also not that experimental with makeup. (I have a very Asian preference to my makeup look...)

  • Banila Co. Lip Crayon Shine Sheer Kiss: This Korean lipstick is in between the red and pink spectrum. It flatters my neutral-cool light olive skin, like a lot. This is the lipstick for a reddish hue without an actual red lipstick.
  • Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipstick MAT12: I would've brought my Kylie Candy K Liquid Lipstick, but it dries when I don't apply primer / lip balm. So I opted for this Maybelline liquid lipstick instead. It sets nicely when you wait for it to dry. Some days you need to reapply it frequently, other days it sticks like glue. It's a matter of your environment and the temperature, most likely.

And that's my current makeup bag! I got most items from SM Department Store but there are some brands here with their own stores, such as Banila Co., Tony Moly, and The Face Shop. For Canmake, their products are available at any Personal Care Exchange (PCX) store or at Landmark Department Store. Meanwhile, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced are hard to find in the Philippines, so I rely on online stores like Sephora or Make Up Pro to buy them.

That's for my makeup bag this December! I might add (or subtract) more items, and I'll update this when I find good products. I trust these products, so you might as well try some of them too!

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