Random Round Up No. 2


It's been one month since I opened Aicsthetic! (Party poppers everywhere.) I never took blogging seriously before. But now, writing at least an entry per week pushes me to keep going with the blog. As I mentioned previously, I always don't push through with my creative projects. This time, I hope the blog lasts for years. Now to business. Whew! I'm glad 2016 is almost over. The year turned out to be a total mess. Personally though, I still had positive things that kept me in check this 2016. And as we're on the last week of the year, here's the December 2016 Random Round Up!

Land of The Rising Sun

My cousins tagged me along with them to the trip. I want to thank them for inviting me, because I love Japanese food! First, there's matcha and ramen: two things I love and haven't mentioned anywhere in this blog. When I crave ramen, I usually get something mildly spicy with hard noodles and tamago by the side.  If I don't eat noodles, I switch up my options to Pepper Lunch for sizzling plates, or Tokyo Tokyo for bento meals.

Japan is also home to my other favorites: beauty, fashion, films, and comics! One of my plans during this trip is to do a beauty haul. I already listed down Japanese makeup products I wanted to buy. These products cost so much here, so why not buy them where they're cheaper? Japanese drugstore brands in here cost around P495 - P895, which is too much.

Skincare Routine?

I always wanted to blog about my skin care routine. But until now, I'm still experiencing acne and I'm trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I don't want to endorse products that I don't find effective. Testing out what improves my skin takes time, so for now, I'll stick with hair / makeup posts.

For three years now, I used this expensive Asian brand that was mild on my skin. But in the long run, it didn't help me with my recurring acne. It didn't help I went with a very-thorough skin care routine. Like what Nichie said in her blog, it's easy to find the cause of breakouts when you have lesser products.

Eventually, I ditched some of the products from the brand. It was not easy to do at all. First, did I mention the packaging is really cute? It's even in my favorite color. My inner graphic designer is immediately drawn to it. Then, with cute packaging comes great costs. I spent thousands of pesos on these products. Resquicat in pace to a good portion of my salary.

Back to Coffee

This month, I tasted coffee again. I had coffee twice–one on purpose and one on accident. I don't drink coffee anymore because it gives me anxiety and induces my OC. However, if I don't drive and the coffee is to try for, I cheat on it.

First, I had Starbucks' Santa Hat Dark Mocha frapuccino last time and it was good. But I wouldn't repeat it again because it was too sweet for my own taste. It tasted more like strawberry-chocolate than strawberry-mocha.

The other time I had coffee (on accident), I didn't drink it. I ate coffee jelly without knowing. It's part of the classic upgrade for the Tokyo Tokyo bento meal. I finished the top part of the dessert, wondering what it was. The moment I ate the darker part, it hit me I was eating coffee jelly. The ending? I didn't finish.

Deleting My Behance?

Chances are you've seen my Behance portfolio. I use it mostly for job searches or art showcases. But lately I don't update it. When I learned that I can add a portfolio page to my blog, I thought of doing it. Opting for another host means more costs–something I'm avoiding. Once I learn how to do so, I'm going to move my portfolio items here.

Also, I only have a few pieces worthy to showcase. I guess this should push me to create more stuff especially next year.

December Traffic

I avoid talking about stressful things in my blog. As much as I can, I keep everything positive here. But December in the Philippines means triple traffic with almost every balikbayan* coming home. Demonic traffic, sadly, is a normal part of a Filipino's day. Expect that times 5 during the end of the year. My only solution is to crawl through the next days until I get on my trip.

That's it for December 2016! So far, it's just another Christmas season until I get back from my Japan trip which I'll be sharing for next month. If you just wanna talk about anything random, hit me up in the comments. I'll read them when I got free time.

Anyway, I won't be blogging until next year... And by next year, I meant January 2017. Which is... technically just a few days away.

To 2017, we go!