FIRST AID LAUNDRY: The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer


Christmas season strikes again! Left and right, we fully book our December with holiday parties. Office parties, noche buena, and media noche... 'Tis the season to be chubby! We also need to look our best for these events. So we bring out our best #OOTDs, themed costumes, or our ugliest Christmas sweaters. But the bigger the feast, the more chances drink spills or food stains get on our clothes. We avoid this situation at all costs.

Stains on clothes seems like a small issue, but it's a big factor on our appearance. It creates anxiety and self-consciousness. Later on, there's the tedious work needed to remove the dirt.

Introducing The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer promo
Sharp Ultrasonic Washer promo

Good thing Sharp has created another engineering marvel to answer this problem.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is your newest first aid spot washing device, quick to remove common stains on different kinds of fabric.

Ultrasonic Vibration

The Ultrasonic Washer includes Ultrasonic Vibration that produces 38,000 strokes per second and creates vacuum foams. These vacuum foams explode and then strike the stains away. Unlike the harsher treatment of hand-washing and scrubbing, the Ultrasonic Washer prevents damages or tears on fabric threads.

Instant Solution, Instant Results

The Ultrasonic Washer can effectively remove any substance with just the help of water*. It also works on most fabrics and textiles, including canvass bags and shoes.

Since it's portable, the Ultrasonic Washer comes with its own kit. It includes a puff container, cloth bag, built-in rechargeable battery, and a USB cable. You don't need to go home and do the laundry just to erase the stain!

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer options
Sharp Ultrasonic Washer options

The Ultrasonic Washer is more than perfect for Christmas, not only as your partner for any dinner emergencies, but it can be a useful gift too. It is available in three different colors: gold, pink gold**, and silver**, making it a sleek gadget designed to fit inside any kind of bag.

With the Ultrasonic Washer, there’s no room for worry. With it by your side, you're ready for the worst while looking your best. Always save the day or night with this dependable washing device.

*When removing tough and stubborn stains, Sharp recommends using both water and liquid detergent.
** Available soon.

Disclosure Policy: This is a sponsored post.