Why You Should Drink Water, As The Internet Keeps Telling You To

 drink water

You probably googled a lot of tutorials since you started the internet. And all these tutorials have one tip in common: drink water. "How to lose 10 kgs?" Drink water. "How to get rid of acne?" Drink x amount of water. "How to get rid of my anxiety ruining my will to live?" Drink the damn water. One way or another, the tutorial always goes to one vital tip: drink water. Drinking water is, indeed, the most vital life hack. You're so tired of it right now as you sip your glass of water while reading that repetitive tip. Yet there's at least one content creator reminding you every minute! As if our body ain't trained to take note of that.

But there are tons of reasons why bloggers, vloggers, and their moms keep repeating this s**t. Because it's that good! Good for your body, mind, and soul. Somehow regularly hydrating solves our problems away. Science did say that water is the universal solvent... Hahaha guys... GUYS?

Read on why the H2O hype is real:

For The Body

  • 60-70% of our body is water. Basic fuel, basic component. If you meet anyone who tells you to avoid water for dieting purposes, don't follow unless you want an unhealthy effect. If we lose an amount of our fave fluid, our body will just look for it.
  • Less calories, less sugar, less fat. That's right. That's what we all wanna hear. "Water therapy" does work. We're always tempted to order the juice or the tea. But imagine how many calories you can save when you choose water.
  • The ultimate acne spot corrector. Water acts as our internal moisturizer. It flushes out the toxins and prevents excessive fluid loss. Bye bye, clogged pores
  • Increases energy / strengthens muscles. Energy drinks do keep us up, but the less sugar, the better it is for the body. Better drink it cold for extra effect
  • Friendlier restroom trips. Okay, this one does not mean drinking water brings a bladder of steel. It's all about #2 with this one. Shall you really need to go, you'll move smoother when you're hydrated. :>

For The Mind

  • Clearer thinking. Water makes up our brains too. Imagine what your thirsty ass will do to your brain. Lesson here is, don't decide when you're dehydrated.
  • Stay posi. Better moods come with clearer thinking. We soothe our worries away by rationalizing our weirdest fears.
  • Caffeine alternative. Sometimes, I find the tea too strong. Then I learned water could keep me awake. No need for sugar at all, either. The effect won't be strong either, which helps with my anxiety.
  • Productivity boost. When do you get s**t done? When you're alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

For The Wallet (Yeah)

  • IT'S FREE***! ***False advertising, but well... You get service water in a restaurant, unless you buy bottled water. But bottled water costs less than other drinks too. You save three things when you drink water: calories, energy, and money.

Personally, drinking water did help me a lot. I lost a major amount of weight. My anxiety goes down when I hydrate regularly. My wallet and sugar level are probably relieved with all the water I drink. (However, my bladder isn't LMAO.)