So, What's Up With Miniso?


I was curious about Miniso since it popped up in Robinson's Place Manila. Y'all know I love Japanese aesthetic. But I didn't get to check it out. What remained inside Miniso was still a mystery. Even after checking their official website, I still had more questions than answers. Luckily, Miniso just opened a branch in Glorietta 2 last week. Oh yeah, a chance to see what's inside!

What Is Miniso?

Miniso is a "Japanese fast fashion designer brand". They aim for a "relaxed lifestyle", which shows in the range of products they offer. Since they started in , they expanded worldwide from... And they're now here in Manila!

Since they aim for #LifeGoals, they got everything you need. Name some things you need to live with: gadgets, beauty items, food containers... Actually, that's just a few of the million things Miniso! Imagine if IKEA and Uniqlo had a baby. They have Uniqlo's looks and IKEA's personality. That is Miniso if it were a beautiful human being.

Jam Packed, Pak

There were still ribbons and flowers by the entrance. Still high from the opening, eh. All the people who missed out on the grand opening were there. The aisles were pretty narrow though.  Overpopulation plus small spaces equals claustrophobia. But TBH, that didn't stop me from my shopping experience.


The Good, The Goods, and The Good Stuff

Here it is!

In every corner, I saw aesthetic colors. Cotton candy colors are a common, pretty color combo. But this? All in one store? OMG, taking photos is a must.  I must the pretty arrangement!

For pink or turquoise cute stuff, Miniso is the way to go! Just look at how pretty they all are! For real though. I need to go back to check what those ice cream containers are. They seem useful and cute.


Domestic Goods for the Domestic Goddess

Now nothing says "cute chef" like this heat-resistant glove. Serving a cooked meal, looking cute, and feeling kawaii all in one? Sign me up! Join me too, btw.


They even got stuffed animals. Not even the small, travel sized ones. Like for-the-bedroom huge ones! Right now, it's either the pink bunny or the blue penguin. What would you pick? (Though the cute cat below looks cuddly, too.)


Buy It, Use It, Technologic

Now remember I said Miniso has everything. Well, now here's where everything goes. They got electronic accessories!

Damn, I'd get both the turquoise and pink ones. Wear turquoise on M-W-F-S, Pink on T-TH-S... And maybe end up as one of the ladies featured in a video like this.


Heaven Is A Place In Miniso

And now, the main attraction: the beauty section of Miniso! Again, part of the Miniso brand is offering everything. In front of me were a lot of makeup and perfume. Ahh, lady heaven.


My target perfume is an affordable, powdery scent that screamed "airy lady" (◕‿◕✿). Before, I used Bench's Isabelle Daza Univers EDT. For some reason though, I couldn't find it in Bench. So I tried until I got to the Miniso Heartful Lady Perfume.

It's pretty cute! The packaging is a a wide oval bottle with the brand on the front, and a cute heart engraved at the back. Touching the heart at the back makes me feel some type of way. About that though, it's a long story. The scent is filled with TLC and beauty. (Yes, LOL, it does.)

Also, I got two turquoise razors for them smooth legs. I'll update when I get a nice photo of both products. I got too excited to open them!

The Best Part That I Left Out

However, I haven't said everything I want to say. The best thing about Miniso is that most–if not all–items are priced 2 or 3 digits! It's that affordable. Not only do they have great stuff, but also they're very budget friendly!

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Miniso store and get them home goods!

The Miniso in this entry is located in Glorietta 2. For other branches and more information, visit Miniso Philippines' Facebook page.