Tokyo // Ichiran

Sometimes the best things in the world hide themselves from the common man's eye. It's no wonder why people spend lives to look for hidden treasures. And let's not forget the hipster belief that the harder to find, the better. Normally I'd call bull on that. But the Ichiran in one of the hidden streets in Shinjuku contains one of the best–if not the best–ramen in the world.


We found Ichiran in a street in Shinjuku after looking for a lot of places to eat. As a tourist, looking for a place to eat dinner in Tokyo is quite a race. That's true most especially on the holidays. But we lucked out with Ichiran because some customers finish fast, and we were already in line.


Set Up

Ichiran is one of those dining places in Japan where you order on a vending machine. After you decide what you want, enter the money for your order's total amount. Press on your order, then get your change and your stub. Present your stub to your server at your booth.

Unlike your usual restaurant, Ichiran is an individual experience. Even if you go in a huge group, each member eats at a booth table. And speaking of individual, each person has to fall in a single file. Even if you're like, on a date with your SO or a friend. But when you get in, you have the choice of either leaving the booths as is or unfolding it so you can talk to your friends. But if you're alone, the cubicle-style booths are amazing for your introvert needs!



Now, to the main event. In their website, Ichiran boasts of their tonkotsu ramen. My ideal ramen consisted of thin, hard noodles and the rich taste of the soup and the spicy red sauce. Safe to say I got that with my order. I even ordered an extra tamago that I ate outside the ramen, and I dunno why I did that if I can remember. I also added a matcha dessert to my meal, just for kicks.


Souvenirs and More

Most likely we don't have Ichiran back home, but that doesn't mean we can't take its flavor with us! Right at the entrance, they sold kamadare tonkotsu sets. You can also snap yourself in the Instagram photobooth right at the entrance too!


I'm definitely returning to Ichiran for another taste of heaven / ramen, for sure.