What I Wore: Japan 2016 OOTDs // 2016


First things first, I ain't a fashion blogger (for now). But I still like dressing up, especially when I travel! There are many good reasons on what we pack matters. First, you never know who you might run into. Then, nothing is more jarring than seeing a beautiful Instagram feed with a poorly matched outfit. Also, you need to impress the locals or else they might make your outfit a meme on Reddit. But most importantly, dressing up nicely is an act of self love and that's what we all need. So that's why I made sure my Japan 2016 OOTDs is dabomb.com.org.net.ph.jp.

12.25 // Doutonbori

Christmas 2016 was the day we left for Japan. Over days my mom kept pestering me that I wear a thick jacket since December winds in countries far from the equator are just intense. Low key told her, "the cold never bothered me anyway". But you know, a mother insists. So I wore her purple polyester jacket along with my grey H&M dress, black Vans slip ons, and medium length H&M black socks.

Filipinos often try to make sure the clothes they wear on December 25th are brand new, but TBF I didn't give a rat's ass because this is the exact dress I wore last year. Why? Because I wanted to show the world–the universe, rather as Pia insists–that I lost 12 kilograms that year. Yas, kween, that much weight! I actually had to give up half of my wardrobe just so I could have clothes that properly fit me, LMAO.


12.26 // Ikeda, Namba & Umeda

Luckily I planned ahead and prepared my OOTDs. Underneath my mom's Marks & Spencer trench coat, I wore an all black ensemble. It consisted of my H&M cotton shirt, a maxi skirt I got from Zalora, and some Dr. Martens 1460s. To top it off, I paired it with a black beret. "So where's the funeral?" My cousin asked me.

One lesson I learned from looking at this: ask your companion to hold your bags. It improves the picture.


12.27 // Universal Studios Japan

From head to toe: I wore a white beanie, a pink long sleeved turtle neck from Uniqlo, some jeggins, and my Doc Martens boots. I also wore, loved, and lost the caramel colored gloves I wore that day. RIP.

I knew this outfit was a success when the cute guy at the ticketing entrance of USJ smirked-smiled when I thanked him. ;)


12.28 // Kyoto

TBH the timing of this outfit was just amazing! Along with the thick red-and-blue plaid jacket I wore a grey House Stark shirt, a black and white scarf, Marks & Spencer boyfriend jeans and my Vans. So imagine wearing a Stark shirt when light snow fell in Kyoto. Winter was there.


12.29 // Shinjuku, Harajuku & Shibuya

After losing my gloves in the loose pockets of the coat that I wore at USJ, I wore the maroon coat again. I had a pair of maroon leggings that went well along with my white Uniqlo turtleneck, black-and-flesh scarf, and Accessorize earmuffs. Oh, and here are the black gloves I got at Lawson when I lost my caramel ones. For around Y300, they fit nice and tight!

Again, another lesson learned: give your stuff to your companions when you want your OOTD taken. This actually passes for an ad for that lemon water I'm holding here.


12.30 // Tokyo Disneyland

Urayasu is probably the coldest place I ever stepped foot on. I zipped the jacket I wore in my Kyoto OOTD, but underneath it is a basic white Zalora sleeveless top, a black leather skirt, and some purple leggings. I also wore grey gloves.


OOTD Lessons

There are a few things I learned from my OOTD photographs that you can use:

  1. Put your bag down, unless it's a part of your OOTD.
  2. Put your shopping bags down because... it will make or break your look. And most of the time, it's break. Only hold them when you're aiming for a ~candid shopping photo.
  3. You don't always have to just stand and look in the camera and smile like a standard touristy photo. Play around! Strike a flattering pose, or pretend to walk and make it ~candid.

If I were to define my style based on these photos, I guess I'm more of a practical / street style girl. I've always looked at inspirations from Nylon (especially Japan) and Pinterest for inspiration. It's important to know your sense of style to get the perfect OOTD! How about you, what's your style?