Life Lately No. 2

 life lately aica duran

In all honesty, I admit that I'm losing a bit of my old touch with blogging. Like I barely have content in mind other than the ones where I left off at. Now that I thought of that, I still have more posts for Art Fair Philippines and some other trips / events I had with friends. Also, movies I watched and anything creative I can come up with. But lately with blogging, I'm at a halt.

Branding Blues

Initially, I started Aicsthetic for simple reasons. First, I wanted to write. Social media wasn't a strong forte to get my true feelings out across the web. Then, I always wanted to have some passion project. This was it. Somehow it's a personal blog but at the same time, I wanted to grow it a bit professionally minus the selling out part. Also, I wanted to join millions of Filipino bloggers and Instagram figures who wanted to show their travels online. It just happened that I had my Japan trip after I started my blog, so what perfect timing right?

But I'm so confused right now, because now that the trip is over and there isn't much. Also there are like a million Filipino travel / lifestyle travel bloggers right now, so standing out from that is a big leap. So where do I go next? I keep thinking, what would make me stand out? Let's see what makes me a typical blogger:

  • Basic love for writing stuff
  • Typical blog entries such as Life Lately, Happy List (!!!)
  • Travel photos
  • Trying to start my own things that other bloggers don't have, ie: Ruminate & Reflect

So where to, next?

Daily Routine

On the other hand, I rediscovered my true love: illustration.

I tried a lot of things in life: acting, running, screenwriting, writing (in general), and design. Acting is just a hobby I still enjoy, although I would like to try it every now and then. Then running is now a part of my daily routine, and it's how I keep fit. But it's just an autopilot activity I do. I don't keep track of my speed or my heart rate, just how far I've run and and how long I did it. Writing, well, I could do it for some projects, for this blog, but it's not my number one thing. I do enjoy reading what other people write though, especially my friends. (The blog's kinda screwed now in that sense...)

But no matter what I try, I always go back to drawing. Nothing beats the feeling of pencil on paper. There's also the feeling of seeing your work's final form. You feel a sense of joy when you see the colors on your drawing come to life. It's like looking at the child you raised after so much hard work.

And it's not just drawing that calms me down. Painting in the colors is a form of meditation I take. Sometimes I enjoy blending with acrylic or playing with watercolor. I'm one of those who can't sit to meditate. So instead of sitting on my yoga mat and crossing my legs, I go straight right at my desk and start painting where I leave off.

So when you see a shift in mood with my blog, expect that my new love is what caused it.