3 Reasons Why I Moved To Squarespace

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Wow, and for the first time in a long time, I'm finally able to talk about the obvious: I moved to a new platform! Having a new domain on a brand new hosting site paralleled my fresh start with things in life. I'll talk about my recent (pre) quarter life plans when some things align, and I'm excited to share with you what I'm gonna do. But that's also related to my blog today–my move to Squarespace!

Honestly, content hit a plateau because of my inactivity and lack of plans. I felt like my lite Olsen theme was not enough to accommodate my plans for an illustration portfolio. I tried looking for a portfolio-friendly theme for my site, but I felt like I couldn't find any at all.

Luckily, I heard of Squarespace from other bloggers, Camie and Clint. Their blogs are very clean and easy to navigate. They both mentioned how easy it is to post blogs in Squarespace through the drag and drop feature it has. And to that, I very much agree! But why did I move here, exactly?

Whatever your purpose is, Squarespace's got you.

When you sign up, even just for a trial, Squarespace will ask you why you're building your site. Do you want to just blog? Are you a creative in need of a way to showcase your work? Or do you want to set up your online shop? Sometimes, you can even do all of these in one site! I chose to merge my portfolio and blog into one space so it's convenient for both readers and clients to access whatever content they want to see in one space.

There are templates for your needs.

Again, my main reason for switching to Squarespace was a portfolio-friendly design. There's no need to purchase themes externally! Squarespace has a lot of well designed themes categorized by purpose: including art & design!

Story time: I wanted a theme that was suited for portfolios and had a clean blog layout that allowed "read more" links. Initially, I used a popular art & design Squarespace theme because of how the preview looked . But I had a problem with the blog: it displayed my entire blog entries, which is a hassle to load. Luckily I found the Rally theme, which provides a very flexible design that enabled.

Creative control is all yours.

Squarespace's simplicity, design ease, and understanding for users is worth the price. I only need to plug in the basic HTML tags I knew before... that is, only when I need to. I have so many options when it comes to the web design! I can customize my site to the exact color codes my branding require.

And speaking of projects I procrastinated over, it's time for me to work on them! I mean, what good is a Squarespace site when there's barely any content? As of this blog entry, my portfolio is still under construction... Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

PS. I love that I can use .art as the end of my domain.