4 Ways To Stay Fit For Couch Potatoes

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"Diet and exercise." Just hearing the phrase sounds like a lot of work already. I felt like I just got off the treadmill and ate an entire plate of greens. Although it's an anticlimactic answer to how I lost weight, it's the most truthful way I could respond. Even until now, I'm both surprised and proud I managed to make fitness happen.  My hobbies are pretty sedentary. Netflix and sketching don't require much movement. And TBH, watching my self-sim run in The Sims instead of me working out is relaxing. I'm a couch potato at heart that bleeds potato chips and French fries.

But I found a way to be lazy but at the same time, disciplined. It takes work, but I made it happen. And even if your goal isn’t losing weight–you can follow my tips too.

 If you're a couch potato and you hate the thought of moving, find a physical activity that will be definitely fun for you when working out. It doesn't have to be weight lifting or strength training–play around! For me, I like to hula-hoop as it is fun and exciting.  Image source: Unsplash.com

Move–Science Proved It So

Isaac Newton was only 23 when he discovered the law of inertia. I was only 23 when I explained to my readers how this shit applies to getting fit. Newton’s first law states that  you have to force yourself to move to get your fitness on track!

You need your blood flowing, your lungs pumping, and your muscles working to make changes. So if you can walk to work from the train station, walk. If you can take the bike to work, by all means do so!

Move To Your Groove

Let’s not lie. Exercising is a chore for the chill. For some, the thought of the gym is not that interesting. So how are we going to get fit if thinking about weights and gym culture fills us with dread?

The answer is to find the activity that you actually like doing. Working out is more than just push ups and burpees. There’s lots of fun things to do while burning calories! For me, I like hula hoops. Not only is it fun, but I also train my waist somehow. There’s surfing for the beach babies, skateboarding for the cool kids, parkour for the hardcore, and zumba for the aunties at heart! There's a workout for everyone, so find the option that suits you best.

 Looks good, doesn't it? Diet doesn't mean starving, you can also enjoy a good heavy meal as long as the nutrients you get are still there. Always remember your fruits and vegetables!  Image source: Unsplash.com .

Choose Your Diet Wisely

“Diet” does not mean starving yourself by eating crackers as meals. It means getting the right nutrition for your body through what you eat. Dieting isn’t a one size fits all game: you have to choose what’s good for you. There are many options, actually! For one, you could go low-carb (keto or paleo) or choose protein heavy diets for muscle building  (protein heavy meals). Counting calories, while pretty effective, is more than just maintaining a number. You also have to check what nutrients those calories contain. Always remember to consult your doctor or dietitian before engaging in any diet, though.

Cut Out The Bad Stuff

By bad stuff, I mean the things that seem pleasurable short term, but harmful in the long run. Vices are the top culprit. No matter how much you exercise, you're not exactly healthy if you constantly smoke or drink more than often. So do take the chance to go cold turkey or gradually get rid of the shit together. Sometimes though, it’s the "acceptable" elements in our food or drinks that will impact our health too. Cholesterol, sugar... You know.

For me, it’s sugar. Take note that I love chocolate and ice cream! But my family has a history of diabetes, so I’ve made sugar reduction a conscious choice. Desserts are only a form of reward or lifeline in desperate situations. I always look for the alternative to my sweet favorites, one of which is peanut butter.

As a chubby kid, I loved Reese’s peanut butter cups. But as an adult struggling for fitness, I need something similar that’s pretty healthy. I found out that roasted cashew butter is a perfect alternative. It contains less fat and more nutrients good for the heart and immune system, such as folate and iron. Cashew butter is quite hard to find in the local market, but luckily Sophia’s Kitchen has made Filipino fitness convenient.

 Sophia's Kitchen takes pride in its roasted cashew butter as it is sugar-free and organic. It is proudly produced with Philippine cashew nuts, and spreads evenly like peanut butter does.

Sophia’s Kitchen is a proudly Filipino wellness brand. They source the cashews from Antipolo, Rizal and roast it in Merville, Parañaque City. Each cashew butter is made with love as they are all made per order. It is the first of many healthy alternatives they provide as the brand provides a diversity of healthy treats.

It was my first time to taste roasted cashew. On my first taste, I was confused because it's salty. But it took me a while to realize because I had cashews before, so I was pretty used to it after that. It works pretty well with bread, crackers, and apples... But honestly, I've used it the same way I snack on Nutella!

To avail a cashew butter nut, send your order 48 hours before your desired date of receiving. It costs PHP 275 sans shipping fee, but the delivery is free on weekends. It's pretty affordable noh? Go to their Facebook page, get your roasted cashew butter nut, and start the road to staying healthy.

Do you have your own ways to keep fit? Share them below!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Sophia's Kitchen. All opinions are my own.
 A bottle of Sophia's Kitchen's roasted cashew butter.