Beating The Summer Heat With Avène Tinted Cream

The Weather app says it's 35ºC but the air feels like Lucifer's balls. It doesn't help either that there's too many people in one place. Then, the AC doesn't even work properly! Plus most of us commute on our way to class or work, and not every transpo we have has a cooling system. So what happens then? Sweat. Because the temperature is so humid, even the strongest foundation can't resist melting. So what's a helpful solution? Avène Tinted Cream has got you covered.

Avène SPF 50+ Tinted Cream

Let me show you Avène's SPF 50+ Tinted Cream.

This tinted moisturizer protects your skin from the growing heat. It has very high protection against UVB-UVA at SPF 50+. It suits for all skin types, most especially sensitive skin. I got oily-sensitive skin so it is perfect for me.

Avène's Tinted Creme also evens out the complexion. So the product blends regardless of what your skin tone is! Think of it as a very light, magical foundation that embraces every color. Wow, can you imagine a beauty product as #woke as this?

 eau thermale avene avéne tinted moisturizer tinted cream 

And if you're wondering how to apply tinted moisturizer to your makeup routine, watch online tutorials. There's makeupD0LL's My Summer Face Routine With Tinted Moisturizer or Valeria Lipovetsky's Quick Work / Office Makeup Tutorial.

BTW, you can apply the cream not just during this summer, but also if you prefer a quicker way to do your makeup! Not only is this a more waterproof alternative to foundation / BB, but also a more convenient one. No need to apply sunscreen as it has SPF, and powder is optional for them lazy days.

My Experience With Avène

The cream is quite sticky but not enough to be a hassle. It is light tan in color. I only needed about 3 pumps max for BB cream-like coverage. In my regular makeup routine, I don't really use foundation and I prefer BB over it. Avène's tinted cream is pretty light, so it doesn't have the same concealing powers as my BB cream. But it still hides my awkward spots.

Below here is my Before & After pictures. At the left is my bare face. Oh, hello BTW this is my first time showing it to you. (Blush.) I'm grateful my skin is okay, but my sleeping patterns and eye rubbing habits are so obvious here lol. And at the right is when I applied Avène tinted cream. It was still around 2-5 minutes fresh, so it's still shiny. Doesn't help I got a bit of oily skin as well. But it blended in well, either way.

I've been using Avène's tinted cream now for a month or two. The main product is in a 50mL plump bottle. I got my product at Mercury Drug Power Plant in Rockwell, Makati and it costs around P1,595 to P1,895. Anyone who purchased the product in any Avène store booth will get two free travel-sized versions of the tinted cream! Now you can fly to our local beaches and lather on your sunscreen/foundation/moisturizer in one!

 eau thermale avene avéne tinted moisturizer tinted cream
 eau thermale avene avéne tinted moisturizer tinted cream
 eau thermale avene avéne tinted moisturizer tinted cream

Final Verdict

Yes, Avène is indeed quite a pricey French brand. But the price is right (for its quality)! The amount is also just fine for its quaint packaging. There is no need to press the pump too much as it gives you enough with 1-3 pumps. Plus it just feels like regular moisturizer / sunscreen with color–which is exactly the point–so it looks and feels good! With its waterproof properties and high protection, it will surely beat icky perspiration.

Share your ways to beat the summer heat and look fabulous below in the comments! Do you have your own tinted moisturizers that you wanna suggest? Or do you use Avène too?

You can buy Avène's SPF 50+ Tinted Cream at your nearest SM Department Store or online at The SM Store (powered by Lazada).