My DeJapan Haul

As you have known, I previously explained in great detail about the makeup haul I did back in 2016. (On the other hand, back in 2016? Holy shit I can't believe we're in that part of the year now!) In the haul, there were some products there that I can't find in the Philippines or were way cheaper in Japan. So I went to buy doubles. However, one regret I had was not buying enough Heroine Make mascaras. I only realized too late that Heroine Make is no longer sold in my go-to outlets at home. I can hear the sound of my Asian makeup heart breaking.

But thankfully, I got a haul that solved my dilemma.

The Haul

 dejapan haul japan shipping 

After a few days of completing the process to my order, I received it after 2-3 days. I received it through the PHL Post Office, so I had to pay an extra P112 for the local office transport. The box is small enough for convenience, but it perfectly fit every single one of my purchases inside.

 dejapan haul japan shipping 

I was in the middle of a spring cleaning haul when I chose these items, so I ordered what I felt I would use for long term or was easily disposable but useful. Of course, food is a good idea to order. Another were the makeup items I wish I bought or bought more items of.

 dejapan haul japan shipping

So I got the following:  ITO EN Green Tea Bags, Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara, DUP Eyelashes Fixer Ex 552 Clear Type, and Taiwan Gressu False Eyelashes.


ITO EN Green Tea Bags

I love matcha since I had my taste of the Kit Kat flavored bar 4 years ago. I did get Starbucks matcha powder but it was only 5 packets that only lasted a month. So I tried looking for a matcha powder perfect for both milk and hot water. When I tried pouring a bag for milk, I didn't taste much of the matcha. Two bags didn't cut it either, but I guess it's because one sachet had very small amount of powder. I'll get back and try to experiment on the right amount of tea bags to get the taste.

DUP Eyelashes Fixer EX 522 / Taiwan Gressu Falsies

I've previously mentioned how Japanese beauty always emphasized on the lashes, and how abundant their stores are with falsies. I chose the Gressu falsies because they look so natural. It didn't come with its own built in paste so I had to buy a separate glue. (I also have trust issues with the glues that come with the falsies.) I googled and found DUP is the Mighty Bond of eyelash glue, so might as well include it in my purchase list!

Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara 

Every beauty junkie who's ever tried this always raved about it. I did get one back when I did my haul, but as I mentioned earlier, I regret not buying stocks of this just to save my ass from ordering online. This mascara doesn't clump as much as the regular ones do. Also my eyelashes stay long up right when I use this too!

So how did I get my stuff? You might say I ordered from Amazon Japan, Rakuten, or Japanese-based branches of online stores. I would if I could, but 1) I'm not based in Japan, and 2) the language barrier is still there. I can't read a lot of Kanji, for one. Thankfully, DeJapan has got me covered.

What Is DeJapan About?

DeJapan is a proxy online shopping service that allows you to access items from Amazon JP, Yahoo JP, Rakuten, and online auctioning. You get to order stuff exclusively from these sources, wait for a while to see if the products are available, and then you get them shipped right at your doorstep. No need to add proxy extensions either there, because you can get Japan-exclusive items without the hassle of having to book a flight.

The Process

DeJapan's process is simple, although it takes a bit of time. You have to remember to always check your email as they will often notify you if your order is ready to take the next step.

 dejapan haul japan shipping 

So the process is this: you bid / buy the items, then wait for the products' warehouse arrival. After they arrived, DeJapan will email you for the 2nd payment for international delivery. Then you receive the item after a few days, depending on your location.

My DeJapan Experience

Shopping with DeJapan is a breeze, but for those not really into online shopping the proxy shopping system may be confusing. Until now I haven't figured out how to combine two items from different markets together, so I only shopped at Amazon where many items are already in English. Google Translate is your friend if your desired item is in Japanese and you can't figure out whether it's what you really want. But in the end I got to combine a good sort of items and was able to get my order on time. It only took long because I keep on forgetting to follow up on the order and pushing through with the steps. But the promptness of Dejapan's process is pretty commendable. I'd definitely shop again for other needs (such as art materials!).

This post is sponsored by DeJapan.