Life Lately No. 4: Some Work And Some Play

 life lately no. 4

Do you hear that? That's the sound of crickets on this blog. What's the use of jotting down blog drafts on my calendar if I can't even keep up with it? Well, I bought that planner to focus. However, three months passed and focusing is still something I need to work on. That's what I get for wanting to master 3 things at the same time. I'm conflicted between mastering a single craft and life as a creative slashie. And that's why my blog is like one of my favorite horror movies, Dead Silence.

To make my feelings worse, our teacher at Japanese class knew about this blog. It's not that I don't want her to see the content I share here, but because of how fickle my posting schedule is. She knew about this because I used "I write blogs twice a week" in a sentence. We all know that's not always true, because life happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And I just gave her my business card, so imagine she'd go here and see static. I don't wanna disappoint my sensei!


So What's In My Life Lately?

Choosing A Career To Create

 life lately no. 4

As if this site didn't say enough, I chose a creative career allowing me to explore art and writing. So for the past few weeks, it's mostly just design and illustration work along with Japanese class. I was ready to set my March content plan into action, but I had other work on high priority. Not to say that I don't like blogging anymore. However, my time management skills are shit. After spending energy on other work, I call it a day and care for myself. RIP, my blogging ideas.

Learning Japanese Again

Level up! I'm taking the second basic Japanese class. It took a long while before we got started. One thing I'm so happy about is our sensei is teaching us once again. Knowing her teaching style gives me a sense of security in further learning Nihongo. She is very patient even when we read like 1st graders. But at the same time, she pushes us to do better because she knew we could. Making things better is having five of my classmates–all women–in the same class! That took away the New Girl syndrome at the start of class, which I always dreaded.

 life lately no. 4

Broken Arted?

Every year, I'd often promise myself: "I'll create more art on a regular basis." At the start of the year, I was on a roll. I made two watercolor paintings and completed my annual self portrait. But when I get busy with work, I really immerse myself in it. Hence, my passion projects are always on pause. It's true that art takes  a while, but it bugs me when I block myself from creating because of my shitty time management.

Things I'm Enjoying

Might as well condense a Happy List in here, to celebrate things in life:

  • The Dessert Museum! Not experiencing it on my birthday was a bust, but even if it's a little late, at least I got inside!
  • The app Choices. I'm so obsessed with their visual novels to the point that my Tumblr is alive because of it. I'm 24, and I'm past the fandom phase, mind you... So that's something.
  • Asian shows on Netflix. There's my favorite Japanese reality show, Terrace House, and I just completed the thriller K-drama, Black.
  • Korean BBQ and ebi fry sushi. Just typing those out triggers my craving. 
  • Post-processing photos in Lightroom to match my pink-teal Instagram feed
  • Getting my best business card printed–I'll show it to you all soon!
  • Avocado toast. It's something I love making and excel at. I make a mean one with lots of red pepper flakes.

How about you guys? How's your life going? I hope you're having a great time and making lemonades out of life's lemons.