Spend Your Cheat Day At The Dessert Museum

Dessert Museum PubmatSqsp Horizontal.jpg

I keep a simple rule when it comes to binging: carbs are all right as long as I exercise, but sugar is something I have to control.  However, desserts are so pretty to look at and there's an art to making them so appealing. That I gotta respect. So as soon as a friend invited me to The Dessert Museum–on a very good price, mind you–I gave it a go!

 The entrance to the Dessert Museum starts off with the Donut Room, as shaped by this donut door that leaves a lot of innuendos to the imagination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What to do in the dessert museum?

About The Museum

The name itself describes exactly what it is: a convention of confections! The Dessert Museum experience consists of a 2-hour tour on certain time slots from 10 AM to 10 PM. For every 15 minutes, you explore each dessert-themed room with matching treats. You get donuts, marshmallows, cotton candy, ice cream, and so much more!

A Bark Before You Bite

But before you try to bite, there's a catch. You cannot eat the stringed donuts or the clouds of cotton candy. All the cute sweets you see are inedible yet beautiful work of art. It's all for you to appreciate and take selfies with. But don't worry, you still get your treats–without paying for more! Your electronic museum wrist tag will serve as your pass to receiving the goods. Quite a sweet deal, noh?

 Donuts hang around in the Donuts Room of the Dessert Museum.
 Working it at Dessert Museum's Donut Entrance. Hopefully my underwear didn't scare off the guests.
 I just have a soft spot for the marshmallows at the Mallow Room in Dessert Museum.


The Sweet Life In The Desert Museum

The 2-hour tour comes with a guide. They will inform you of the what's of each theme and the do's and don'ts for each room. Also, the museum is accessible to wheelchairs so persons with disability (PWDs) can still find it easy to explore the museum. So please consider your guide and fellow guests by arriving at least 15 minutes before your allowed time slot.

The Sweet Deal, The Sweeter Deal, and THE Sweetest Deal

Shall you drop by The Dessert Museum at the S Maison in Conrad Hotel, you pay a walk-in fee of PHP 799. But you save up to PHP 100 (PHP 699) when you book on their official page. And if you're going with a group of 20 or more people, they offer group discounts! All those deals sound amazing, right? But that's not the best bargain yet. Pay PHP 607 when you book your Dessert Museum tour with TravelBook.Ph! Sounds amazing, doesn't it?! (I'm not sponsored to advertise, but Kari found this deal. I absolutely recommend this deal to anyone on a tight budget. 


So if you want to cheat (on your diet) with sweets, make sure you have fun at The Dessert Museum to really experience sugar rush.