The Liebster Award


Early this year I fell into a crisis of sorts. It was a gross mixture of emotions that was a needed part to grow up. Nobody wants to feel like shit, but it's a big part of life. I let my blog dust a bit for a while, even if I moved to another hosting service that got what I needed. Tons of blog backlogs just piled up right around the corner, and I barely made any post last month. To quote the great Madison Montgomery, "Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you've seen the last of me."

Anyway, I was nominated for a Liebster award! So what is a Liebster Award? It's a virtual award that is passed on between bloggers as a show of support. 


The Rules


Rules are rules. But it looks like I might not be able to get exactly 11 nominees since 1) I'm posting this very late and 2) I'm going to be quite selective with who I nominate. Anyhow...


The Nominees


About The Nominator


Camping for Women is still a relatively new blog with a big vision to publish works from outdoor women adventurers around the world to benefit women who have a genuine love of nature.  Founder Nicole Anderson works with contributors across 8 of the globe’s major regions to build and develop a central hub of information, resources, articles, and videos to maximise women’s enjoyment of the great outdoors everywhere.  The rate of growth and popularity of this site continues at an impressive rate and we are excited to have been nominated by them.


Questions & Answers

1. What inspired you to start your blog?
Last year, I wondered if I could have a creative public outlet I can be proud of. So I saw a lot of wonderful fellow Filipino bloggers online. I followed suit and started my own blog, Aicsthetic. I wanted to make it about the weird stuff I encounter on the internet and just my weird shit in general. But honestly, it’s always a work in progress so I’ll keep trying to get the niche right.

2. What do you like to do in the great outdoors?
One outdoor activity I’d love to do for once is to hike. There’s something calming about being far up there from the rest of the world, seeing nothing but a bunch of trees and the open sea.

3. What would be your most memorable experience outdoors?
I went to Japan last year with some relatives. Light snow in Kyoto was definitely a memorable one. It was my first ever experience with snow. Although it wasn’t too different from tiny droplets of rain, seeing white particles fall down from the sky the first time is always something to remember.

4. What famous person (past or present) would you like to have dinner with?
I don’t have just one specific person in mind, but I have a couple of interesting artistic people I’d like to sit down and learn from. James Jean, Wes Anderson, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Tsai, etc.

5. What is your favourite past-time or hobby?
Since I could remember, I was always interested in something different each time. Writing, acting, photography, video editing, graphic design… But every time I’d always go back to drawing. Upon realizing that I’m good at it and I enjoy doing it, I thought, why not turn it into a career? So here I am, a freelancing illustrator.

6. Where would you most like to visit in the world?
I’d love to visit the Taj Mahal! It looks super majestic. Although I’ve heard the inside and surroundings are not worth the hype, I still want to see it for myself. I’d also like to see Mount Fuji again. But this time, I want to see it in an open area.

7. What is your most favourite childhood memory?
Elementary school library always brought back memories. That’s where my beshie Arrah and I hung out with Harue, Alf, and some other childhood friends of ours. Borrowing art books from the library was my thing. I think my art instinct is an innate thing then.

8. Is there a particular skill you would really like to have?
I’d just like to hone my illustration and painting skills better. Like same talents, but on a higher level.

9. How are you the most creative in what you do?
I draw basic figures / animals and combine them with other figures / animals, and I go from there.

10. What’s really great about where you live?
Cost of living. I’ve heard from a friend how much more expensive a Starbucks cup is in South Korea compared to Starbucks here. That’s just one of the many things that’s much cheaper here than in other countries. I can’t say the same for concerts though. :(

11. What do you see eventually happening for your blog?
Right now I’m not sure because I’m more focused on illustration. Maybe I’ll talk more about my creative processes here, and still continue with the travel posts. I might as well start lifestyle blogs about being a freelance artist!


Facts About The Nominee

  1. I'm the elder of two children, and I have a younger brother.
  2. My eyesight leans on the nearsighted edge. I wore glasses since I was nine.
  3. Anime and Disney cartoons (Kim Possible, anyone?) was what kept me drawing as a kid. And I often drew in class. Drawing was only initially a hobby until I realized how secure my talent was in it and decided to give it a go.
  4. My hair has had a long history of its own. When I turned 7, it revealed its natural wavy form. My straight haired mom had no idea how to take care of curly hair, so she just kept it tied into several sections divided by different novelty scrunchies. Frustrated of its waviness and how I had to tie my hair too awkwardly, she took me to someone who straightened kid's hair instead. My hair ended up being super flat and straight, and this was all the way until high school. I then grew tired of the look and went for curls and bangs, but it was still permed in a salon. Then I had hair therapy that restored my hair's texture... And growing tired of my roots outgrowing my dyed-brown hair, I went for a pixie. The moment I grew it out, I googled how to take care of my natural waves and followed Zooey Deschanel's inspiring mane. The rest is history. (This deserves its own post lol)
  5. I have an absolute fondness for horror films even if I get easily scared and anxious. I guess its a sort of projection because, "Hey, I'm not the one they're scaring with the monsters..."
  6. I lowkey want to try baking because food made from baking is love.
  7. I've been constantly online since 2004. And I've learned way too much since then...
  8. I feel like describing myself as an ambivert is more accurate. All I know is I'm sure I'm an NFJ. Am I an E or an I? It really depends on several factors.
  9. Go out with me to eat, and 95% chance we'll eat something Japanese. Though with changes in diet, that may change already.
  10. I don't like eating pulled meat like adobo pulled pork, canned tuna, and corned beef. Too salty for my life. :(
  11. I like makeup, but I prefer my nails polish-free. Too much to maintain....

Questions For The Nominees

  1.  What is your daily morning routine?
  2. Do you have any side jobs apart from your main job, or do you freelance?
  3. What kind of side jobs would you like to have?
  4. What kind of creative hobbies do you enjoy?
  5. If you can make money out of anything, what would it be?
  6. What influenced your blog's photography aesthetic?
  7. Who are your role models / life pegs?
  8. How would you describe your photography aesthetic?
  9. What kind of hobbies would you like to try in the future?
  10. Where is your dream vacation destination?
  11. If you're a butterfly, why?

Hope y'all found this interesting, and thanks for the award again! Stay tuned as there are more blog entries to come this month.

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